For your convenience, we have compiled an archive of documents covering important information about DHCH such as our mission statement, statement of faith, history, bylaws, Yahoo group policies, fundraising, and more. This online "Member Handbook" highlights everything that you should know in regard to our philosophy of education, member responsibilities within the group, etc. Please familiarize yourself with these documents and review them periodically. We have also included a section of helpful homeschool articles, lists, and worksheets. Each of the following is saved in Portable Document Format (PDF) for downloading or printing. (Requires Adobe Reader: click here for free download.)


   DHCH Group Information

   Welcome Letter for New Members

   Introduction to DHCH

   DHCH Mission Statement

   Bylaws & Statement of Faith (3 pp)

   DHCH History

   DHCH Yahoo Group Guidelines (3 pp)

   How to Get the Most Out of Your DHCH Membership (2 pp)

   Volunteer Opportunities for DHCH Members

   Labels & Boxtops for Education

   Homeschool Library

   Field Trip Worksheet


Homeschooling in Arizona

Arizona's Homeschool Roots

Arizona Homeschool Statistics

Summary of Arizona's Homeschool Law

Arizona's Homeschool Law (A.R.S. 15-802)

Definition of a Homeschooler

Standardized Testing Info

Government and Legal Issues

Homeschooling vs. Public School at Home (2 pp)

Taking Children Out of Public or Private School

The Social Worker: 10 Helpful Hints (2 pp)


   General Homeschool Information
   (Most Reprints Courtesy of Knowledge House)

   Biblical Reasons to Homeschool (3 pp)

   12 Reasons to Homeschool (2 pp)

   Homeschool Methods & Curriculum Options (3 pp)

   Learning Styles

   Homeschooling Preschoolers (2 pp)

   Homeschooling Special Needs (2 pp)

   Homeschool Organization

   The Costs (and Rewards!) of Homeschooling

   Frugal Homeschooling (2 pp)

   Money-Saving Tips for Homeschoolers (2 pp)


   Lists & Worksheets

   Bible Verses to Remember (2 pp)

   Educational Quotations

   Homeschool Quotations

   Homeschool Book List

   Homeschool Progress Checklist

   Basic Homeschool Supply List

   General Course of Study Outline

   Scope & Sequence Resources

   High School Course Recommendations

   High School Transition Planning & Graduation

   High School Planning Worksheet

SEE ALSO: Additional Forms & Worksheets (Affidavit of Intent, AFHE Application, Annual Calendar, Course of Study Worksheet, Curriculum Worksheet, and High School Chart)

ONE MORE: How to Get the Most Out of a Homeschool Convention (This 14-page special report includes a handy checklist!)

"Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

~II Timothy 2:15~

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