The following proposal was sent in by one of our members.

I wanted to put forth my idea to you all and see what you think. Being a Christian homeschool family, we are seeking to raise our boys to be men of character who love the Lord. In today's society, a disease has permeated even the Christian household - selfishness. My husband and I have asked ourselves, how do we fight this disease? I have researched volunteer organizations and have found out that our children are "too young" to serve, yet now is the time to teach them what service really means! Then one day the boys and I were reading Voice of the Martyrs magazine and in it was an article about a group of kids who despite persecution, went around their village helping those in need. This birthed an idea in my head - why can't we do that here? Show our community who Christ is through acts of service.

I propose that we come together as a homeschool group, take one day out of our month to serve needs in our community. Get out of our comfort zone, create relationships with ourselves and others, teach our children about service and love, most importantly share with others the love of Christ. Please share with me your ideas and suggestions. Let's come up with a day that works the best for most families; let's meet and form a plan of action. If you are interested, start looking for needs in your community - cleaning yards, cleaning houses, watching kids, making cards, making sack lunches, reading stories, etc. If you know of any single mothers, elderly, homebound invalids, families with health problems, widows, etc ask them what their needs are and bring these needs to the table. We share a common bond of Jesus Christ, even if we go to different churches, we can still come together as a homeschool group and serve and we can do it with our families.

-Robin M.

As stated above, projects may range from helping a single mom or elderly individual, to getting together and assisting a family in our own group meet a need. It's like adapting the old-fashioned barn-raising tradition of neighbor helping neighbor. We might even pack care packages for the military or take cookies to the firemen. Besides implementing service learning projects, we will also organize fundraisers to support our endeavors.

As a Christian organization, let's worship the Lord by serving the community and each other. Our hope is to encourage, support, and build up a group of homeschool families that will be an effective witness to the local communities in our area. We will seek to glorify God and enjoy the fellowship of coming together in the love of Christ while promoting homeschooling through service projects.

The Bible is clear in establishing that serving God ultimately translates to serving others. And what better example of service than to look to the Savior! Even young children can learn what it means to be the "hands and feet" of Christ. God can put opportunities right under our noses that will work even in the midst of our busy homeschooling lives. Pray for His vision to see where your family might begin to work together and serve with other homeschooling families. He will certainly meet us there.

Did You Know...?The first thing that clinical studies show for teens who have a thriving faith is that while they were growing up, they did some kind of service as a family. That could be a missions trip, helping serve a meal at a homeless shelter, volunteering to build a house, serving at church together, or showing up occasionally to encourage the people at a nearby nursing home. Service really breaks the ice with kids when it comes to their faith!

"Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."

~Matthew 25:40~

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